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Dear customer, here we introduce you an easy, faster and secure short guide to buy in

At the end of this guide you are going to be able to buy a book, add it to your shopping cart, register yourself, get shipping costs, and pay with your credit card.

Search a book or article.

Click on any section, where books are classified. At the bottom of the bar, special promotions are showed.

Search a book entering a key word of the title, author, publisher or ISBN. then click on the "search" button.

Use the left navigation bar to filter. f.e.: see the Christian book by $1.00 USD or see Children books between 2 to 4 years.

Book or article's overview.

, All available information about the book is showed, so you can decide if the book is interesting for you.

Add the book or article to your shopping cart clicking on the "add to cart" button.

Your Shopping Cart.

In this section, the books added to your shopping cart are listed. If you want to increase the quantity of books to buy, edit on the "buy" column and then click on "Update quantities". If you wish to go back to the store and choose more books, click on "back".

This section is using to apply a coupon to your order. (special ocasions only).

If all information is complete, click on the "Step 1. Your Profile" button.

STEP 1. Your Profile

This information is required to calculate your shipping costs.

Click on the "Step 2. Shipping Info".

STEP 2. Shipping Info.

,Check and verify information on "bill to" and "ship to".

Choose a shipping option, prices vary by shipping time.

When you complete this step, please click on the "Final Purchase Summary" button.

STEP 3. Final Purchase Summary.

This is the final step of your purchase.

Enter your credit card info.

to complete your purchase, just click on "Purchase Now!".