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Our Products is one of North America's largest sellers of Bargain Books. Bargain Books are new, unread books that the publisher sells-off in volume to reduce excess inventory. Sometimes the publisher printed too many copies, in other cases bookstores purchased too many copies and have returned them to the publisher for credit. The books therefore have been handled a few times but are still in excellent condition.

In either case, the publisher may place a mark on the edge of the book to identify it as a Bargain Book. This ensures the book will never get returned to the publisher for credit. In most cases the mark is a small line or dot, however sometimes it is large. Product with excessive marking is not sold through our web site.

Since the publisher marks each book by hand and often not in the same location, we are unable to provide information on specific markings on each title. Below are two examples (circled in white) of typical publisher marks that may appear on our books.

Our entire inventory is listed on this web site. The inventory quantities are shown in real-time. Each time an order is completed, our inventory is accordingly reduced. This assures you of viewing accurate information of our stock and results in high order fulfillment rates.

What is Scratch and Dent? sells publisher's overstocks and returns. "Returns" are books that have been returned from bookstores to the publisher. If a bookstore purchased too many copies of a title or needs to make room for new material they have the right to return the book(s) to the publisher for credit. Even though these are new, unread books, some of them have been scratched and/or damaged by the return process. We separate these titles from our regular inventory and sell them as Scratch & Dent material. We further markdown their price for a huge savings. Below is a list of some possible damage a title may have:

  • scratched dust jacket.
  • wrinkled dust jacket.
  • dented corner.
  • dented binding.
  • missing dust jacket.
  • title may be a single volume of a multi-volume set.

We do not specifically describe damage on each copy or title. Structurally the books are in excellent condition with no pages missing. You may not want to give them as a gift but they are great for personal use or in a situation where a less-than-perfect book doesn't matter.

We stand behind our product including Scratch & Dent material. We guarantee the product you receive is structurally sound and good for reading. However, due to the nature and discounting of this Scratch & Dent product all sales are final with no returns accepted.