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Plastic Purge

Author: SanClements, Michael

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


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Plastic Purge : Plastic is everywhere you look. Our&nbspcomputers and children's toys&nbspare made out of it, and our water and slices of American cheese are packaged in it.&nbspBut why is there so much and&nbspwhat is it doing to our bodies? Is it possible to use less plastic and&nbspbe happier and healthier?&nbspIn <i>Plastic Purge,</i> author&nbspMike SanClements&nbsppresents the history and science behind plastics, then teaches you&nbsphow to cut down on&nbspthe amount of plastic in your life. &nbspAs an ecologist, SanClements has put together the most up-to-date and scientifically rigorous information available to explain&nbsphow plastics release toxins into our bodies and the effect it has on us.&nbspWritten&nbspwith a casual, pop-science voice he provides easy-to-follow prescriptive advice&nbspfor how to use less plastic, thereby reaping the benefits such as eating a healthier diet and living with less clutter. Dividing plastics into&nbspthree separate categories:&nbspthe good, the bad, and the ugly, SanClements shows you how to embrace the good (items like your phone or medical equipment), avoid&nbspthe bad (i.e. food storage containers and toys that contain toxic chemicals like BPA and pthalates), and use less of the ugly (single-use plastic that's just plain wasteful).

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