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Unsolved Mysteries of History

Author: Aron, Paul

Publisher: Wiley


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Unsolved Mysteries of History : "Historians make great detectives," says Paul Aron, "and history makes for great detective stories." In Unsolved Mysteries of History, Aron's second ingenious primer on the art of historical detection, he proves that history has all the twists and turns, intellectual challenges, and surprise revelations of a great mystery story. From the origins of mankind - literally - to the present, here are the twenty-five most intriguing mysteries of all time. Were the Neandertals our ancestors? Or did modern Homo sapiens wipe them out? Why did the pharaohs build the pyramids? And if they were, in fact, tombs, why is it that nobody found any bodies? If Gutenberg invented the printing press, why did Johannes Fust sue him . . . and win? And why was it Fust's name that appeared on the first printed books? Did Columbus discover America by accident? Or was he looking for a New World all along? How could Shakespeare, the uneducated son of a small-town glove-maker, have written with such familiarity about law, the classics, and court life? And if he didn't write the plays, who did? Could the Titanic have been saved? Why did the Californian, just miles from the sinking ocean liner, not go to its rescue? Did Hitler murder his niece? And was he her lover? For each mystery, Aron re-creates the decisive events surrounding them and presents the latest discoveries and debates. Open Unsolved Mysteries of History and join the fray.

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