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Army of Evil (A History of the SS)

Author: Weale, Adrian

Publisher: Penguin Books


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Army of Evil (A History of the SS) : <div> <b>In Nazi Germany, they were called the <i>Schutzstaffeln</i>. The world would know them as the dreaded SS - the most loyal and ruthless enforcers of the Third Reich.</b> <br> <br> It began as a small squad of political thugs. Yet by the end of 1935, the SS had taken control of all police and internal security duties in Germany - ranging from local village "gendarmes" all the way up to the secret political police and the Gestapo. Eventually, its ranks would grow to rival even Germany's regular armed forces, the <i>Wehrmacht</i>.<br> <br> Going beyond the myths and characterizations, <i>Army of Evil </i> reveals the reality of the SS as a cadre of unwavering political fanatics and power-seeking opportunists who slavishly followed an ideology that disdained traditional morality - an ideology that they were prepared to implement to the utmost murderous extreme, which ultimately resulted in the Holocaust.<br> <br> This is a definitive historical narrative of the birth, legacy, and demise of one of the most feared political and military organizations ever known - and of those twisted, cruel men who were responsible for one of the most appalling crimes against humanity in history.<br> <br> <b>INCLUDES RARE PHOTOGRAPHS</b> <br></div> <br>.

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