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Winter's Heart (The Wheel of Time Series, Bk 9)

Author: Jordan, Robert

Publisher: Tor Books

Format:Pocket Books
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Winter's Heart (The Wheel of Time Series, Bk 9) : In Winter's Heart, the prophesied Last Battle (Tarmon Gai'don) between the Light and the Shadow is imminent. But Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, stands in the Shadow's way. Darkfriends, Shadowspawn, and the Forsaken will try to kill Rand to keep him from fighting. The forces of Light fear that Rand will go mad and cause another Breaking of the World.

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Fiction   Fantasy

ISBN 13:9780812575583
ISBN 10:081257558X
Format:Pocket Books
Size:7.00" l x 4.00" w x 2.00" h
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