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What Would Machiavelli Do?

Author: Bing, Stanley

Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher

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What Would Machiavelli Do? : How did the rich and powerful individuals who move the earth get where they are today? Are they smarter? Faster? Better looking? Certainly not. Some are even short and ugly . What, then, is their edge? The answer is simple: they're meaner. That's all. And if you want to get where they're going, you'll be meaner, too. The good news is that once you get started, it's easy. Walking in the steps of the Florentine master, Stanley Bing will show you how to be all the Machiavelli you can be. How to beat people who are smarter than you are. How to make other people cringe and whimper when you enter a room. How to get what you want when you want it whether you deserve it or not. Without fear. Without emotion. Without finger-wagging morality. One scalp at a time. They do it. You can too. What Would Machiavelli Do? is more than a road map for people who want to get to the top and stay there. It's a way of life you can use at home as well as at the office. A way of seeing other people from 50,000 feet--as teeny-tiny ants you can squish. A simple, detailed plan for those with the courage to leave kindness and decency behind, to seize the future by the throat and make it cough up money, power and superior office space. Some books are not for everybody. This one is. So start reading. 148 pages.

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Business & Economics   Leadership

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ISBN 10:0066620112
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