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Touch of Darkness (The Thrall, Book 3)

Author: Adams, C.T.
Clamp, Cathy

Publisher: Tor Books

Format:Pocket Books
List Price:$4.99
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Touch of Darkness (The Thrall, Book 3) : Know your enemies. It's good advice - and Kate always thought she did. But everything has changed: there's a new force at the head of the Thrall collective. A force brilliant enough and ruthless enough to hide its sinister plan behind humanitarian work - building and funding halfway houses to ease the victims of drugs and the Thrall back into society. And then Kate discovers that another part of the plan is rescinding the rules of fair play by which the Thrall have always dealt with humans. Kate is no longer Not Prey. Now she is just like everyone else: Prey. Uncovering the plot is a start, but stopping it is another thing entirely. Kate must not only call on all of her own resources, but all of those that belong to her werewolf boyfriend Tom. But the Thrall collective has a brand new way of getting to Kate: a very personal series of attacks designed to tear her from Tom. Kate has to decide: save her relationship with Tom, or save the future from the Thrall?

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Fiction   Fantasy
Fiction   Romance

ISBN 13:9780765365118
ISBN 10:0765365111
Format:Pocket Books
Size:6.60" l x 4.10" w x 0.90" h
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