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The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

Author: Eades, Mary Dan
Eades, Michael R.
Hahn, Fredrick

Publisher: Broadway Books

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The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution : This book shatters the myth of the spend-hours-in-the-gym approach to exercise, replacing it with a much safer and more efficient method that provides maximal benefits in minimal time. As the authors explain, a slow-motion strength-training routine forces the muscles to work much harder; studies have shown that a slow-speed workout produces 50 to 100 percent greater strength gains than traditional lifting. And the gains are not only in strength. The Slow Burn program causes metabolic changes that provide cardiovascular benefits which make separate aerobic workouts unnecessary. For the millions who are discouraged by workouts with no visible results, for those whose knees ache from jogging, for those bored with hours on the stepper, and for those who are intimidated even by the idea of strength training, Slow Burn is truly an exercise revolution.

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Health & Fitness   Exercise

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