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The Shadow Isle (Dragon Mage, Bk. 6)

Author: Kerr, Katharine

Publisher: Voyager Books

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The Shadow Isle (Dragon Mage, Bk. 6) : When Evandar transformed the dying Rhodry Maelwaedd into a dragon, the strength of the mystical dweomer power he invoked astonished even Dallandra, his lover and a powerful mage in her own right. Now she has taken on the task of revoking the spell and setting Rhodry free of his assumed form - if she can discover how. The secret may lie on Haen Marn, the mysterious island that disappeared from the Northlands during the First Horsekin War - if she can find it. And if she does unearth the secret, working the dweomer might kill her, just as it killed Evandar himself. Meanwhile, the savage Horsekin are raiding in the Northlands, led by the fanatical priestesses of Alshandra, their false goddess. Their ruthless hunt for slaves and land endangers thousands of lives - human, elven, dwarven - and threatens the entire balance of power along the Deverry border.

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Fiction   Fantasy

ISBN 13:9780007268924
ISBN 10:0007268920
Size:9.13" l x 5.98" w x 0.87" h
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