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The Ordinary

Author: Grimsley, Jim

Publisher: Tor Books

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The Ordinary : Jim Grimsley's science fiction has been favorably compared to the works of Samuel R. Delany, Jack Vance, and Ursula K. Le Guin. Now he unleashes an unforgettable collision between science and magic. The Twil Gate links two very different realms. On one side of the portal is Senal, an advanced technological civilization of some thirty billion inhabitants. On the other side is Irion, where the world is flat and mighty wizards once ruled. Jedda Martele, a linguist from Senal, shares her people's assumption that Irion is backwards and superstitious and no match for her homeland's superior numbers and science. But as the two realms march inevitably towards war, Jedda finds herself at the center of unimaginable events that will challenge everything she has ever believed about the world - and herself.

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Fiction   Science Fiction

ISBN 13:9780765305282
ISBN 10:0765305283
Size:8.51" l x 5.82" w x 1.18" h
Grade Lvl: Non-Classifiable

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