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The Holy Grail: Legend of the Western World

Author: Terhart, Franjo

Publisher: Parragon Books

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The Holy Grail: Legend of the Western World : The Holy Grail, for over 900 years the most persistent legend in the Western world, is the subject of this book. This mystery has many facets: What exactly is the Grail? A chalice, a bowl, a precious gem form Lucifer's own crown? Or is it perhaps a meteorite? A vessel in which blood flowing from the crucified Jesus was collected? Is Grail another name for the Shroud of Turin? Or could it even be a heretical symbol indicating that the blood of the crucified Jesus in the Grail actually represents Jesus' own flesh and blood, his children, as portrayed in Dan Brown's bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code? All of these different aspects of the Holy Grail are explored and, where possible, plausible solutions to the many unanswered questions are offered. Join us as we explore traces of the Holy Grail through the centuries!

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