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The Fat Resistance Diet

Author: Galland, Jonathan
Galland, Leo

Publisher: Rodale Books

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The Fat Resistance Diet : Cutting-edge research shows that losing weight is not about carbs or fat grams or willpower. It's about a hormone called leptin and its effects in your body. Leptin is your body's natural weight-control mechanism. It regulates your appetite, jump-starts your metabolism, and when working properly, makes you literally fat-resistant. You will lose weight effortlessly and efficiently - and those pounds won't come back. If you've struggled to lose weight, chances are you're leptin-resistant. In other words, your body no longer responds to the hormone, keeping you from slimming down. The Fat Resistance Diet includes the first and only eating plan designed specifically to combat leptin resistance and reprogram your body to start melting away pounds. Includes more than 120 delicious recipes.

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