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The Dewey Decimal System of Love

Author: Carr, Josephine

Publisher: New American Library

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The Dewey Decimal System of Love : Forget those stereotypes about librarians. With long auburn hair and perfect skin, Alison Sheffield looks half her age of forty. And even though she's been celibate for fifteen years, she doesn't live a monastic life. Ally enjoys the finer things, like her zippy convertible, ice-cold martinis, classical music, and her sensuously appointed apartment. However, like any good librarian, Ally is discreet in public - and hides her extravagant nature behind a french twist and sensible clothes. But after last night, even her most proper attire can't hide the signs - Ally Sheffield is in love. The heart-palpitating, nausea-inducing, silly, inexplicable, absurd, and pointless kind of love found in a romance novel. And for once in her life, what Ally needs to know she can't find in any book - she can only live it . . .

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Fiction   Humorous

ISBN 13:9780451209719
ISBN 10:0451209710
Size:8.00" l x 5.34" w x 0.60" h
Grade Lvl: Non-Classifiable