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Send a Message to Mickey

Author: Land, Richard D.

Publisher: Broadman & Holman Publishers

List Price:$4.99
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Send a Message to Mickey : Not sure where you stand on the controversial Disney boycott? Before you dismiss the idea as narrow and unfruitful, be our guest to the Magic Kingdom's seamier side-a world awash in deviant deceptions that defy its Snow White innocence. Meet the newest members of the Disney family-movies that barely escape under the X-rated wire, films that go out of their way to cram violence and sexual perversion into an evening's entertainment, plus TV shows, theme park events, and corporate policies that undermine the family-and are at odds with the Bible and our most cherished values. This is not Walt's Disneyland anymore.

Category   Subject
Religion & Spirituality   Ethics

ISBN 13:9780805493085
ISBN 10:0805493085
Size:8.32" l x 5.50" w x 0.24" h
Grade Lvl: Non-Classifiable