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SIx Figures

Author: Leebron, Fred

Publisher: Knopf

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SIx Figures : Warner Lutz isn't sure how he got where he is, but he's not happy to be there. Midthirties, married, two kids, dead-end career in fund-raising, cramped apartment, old Honda, slightly frayed clothes. In boomtown Charlotte, North Carolina, everyone else seems to have more -- and more is what Warner wants.

Instead, the probation period of his job is being extended; his wife, Megan, thinks her own job is also in jeopardy; they are spending their entire savings on a house that won't be big enough. In fact, there isn't one part of Warner's life going the way he'd planned. But is his dissatisfaction powerful enough to trigger a murderous anger?

When Megan is viciously attacked and Warner emerges as the prime suspect, the answer might be yes. Now, as disbelief and distrust poison relations with family, friends, and colleagues, we see Warner struggle to understand how he has become a man whom others -- and, more appallingly, he himself -- could believe capable of committing such a crime.

Six Figures is a novel of intense psychological investigation, riveting in the depth of the questions it raises about ourselves and about our status-obsessed society.

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ISBN 13:9780375406409
ISBN 10:0375406409
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