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Rules of the Net

Author: Mandel, Thomas/Van der Leun, Gerard

Publisher: Hyperion Books

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Rules of the Net : For information, love, money, or to only connect, you've gotten yourself onto the Internet, and have Websurfed and ftp'd and gophered to your heart's content. But now you face the real challenge-becoming a part of net culture, and meeting your fellow users head one. If you're baffled by the customs, the protocol, and the unwritten laws that make up the Net's Social Contract, Rules of the net is for you: the only guide that explains how to survive-and thrive-as a citizen of cyberspace. From the etiquette of e-mail to communications style to responsible flaming to what things never to mention in newsgroups, this collection of aphorisms, commandments, and accumulated wisdom helps beginners and long-time Net users keep always true to the key principle that: on the Net, you are what you do.

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Reference   Etiquette

ISBN 13:9780786881352
ISBN 10:0786881356
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