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Revolution at the Roots

Author: Eggers, William D.
O'Leary, John

Publisher: Free Press

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Revolution at the Roots : Reason Foundation analysts William Eggers and John O'Leary spent two years traveling America's political frontier, taking the nation's political pulse. They heard a single message: ''To forge a better society we need to make government dramatically smaller, more efficient, and closer to the people it is intended to serve''. More importantly, they met many revolutionaries who are doing just that. In Revolution at the Roots, you'll find out not just what's wrong with American government, but how Americans can fix it. You'll meet the new breed of political leaders who are shaking up the status quo, from governors such as New Jersey's Christine Todd Whitman and Wisconsin's Tommy Thompson to California's Pete Wilson. You'll also meet the big-city mayors, Democrat and Republican alike, who are standing up to entrenched interests and shrinking bureaucracies. But it is America's people, not her politicians, who are truly the driving force for change.

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Political Science   Government

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