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New World Coming

Author: Miller, Nathan

Publisher: Da Capo Press

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New World Coming : Award-winning journalist Nathan Miller paints a vibrant portrait of the 1920s, the decade when the American people soared higher - and fell lower - than they ever had before. It was the roaring age of bootleggers, flappers, and talkies; the hard-won vote for women; widespread social conflict; and the birth of organized crime. An unprecedented prosperity and sweeping societal change dazzled the public, the restrictions of the Victorian nineteenth century vanished, and many of their institutions, ideas, and preoccupations of our own age emerged. America became, for the first time, thoroughly modernized. The first comprehensive view of the era in several decades, New World Coming shows that there is hardly a dimension of our present world, from government to popular culture, that doesn't trace its roots to the 1920s - and that few decades are more intriguing or significant today.

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