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Mind Workout for Gifted Kids: Parents' Guide/Puzzle Book

Author: Allen, Robert

Publisher: Collins

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Mind Workout for Gifted Kids: Parents' Guide/Puzzle Book : 'Gifted' used to mean 'good at IQ tests'. Today, it's recognized that IQ tests were only good at diagnosing a certain kind of high intelligence - essentially, the ability to solve a specific type of puzzle. Now, it's acknowledged that giftedness can manifest itself in many different ways. Having a much broader definition of what constitutes a Talented & Gifted (TAG) child has had two consequences, first, many more children now fall into the TAG category; second, as the definition has broadened, so it has become more difficult to identify a child's area of giftedness, and so to help them develop their ability. This book helps parents solve both problems. Part One discusses changing ideas of giftedness and answers FAQs about the subject: such as What are TAG children? How can parents and teachers identify and help them? Part Two consists of more than 100 tests and exercises designed to help parents assess their kid's abilities in detail.

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ISBN 13:9781843402848
ISBN 10:184340284X
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