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Green Immunity Boosters: Botanicals for Immunity

Author: LaValle, James B.

Publisher: Square One Publishers

Format:Pocket Books
List Price:$8.95
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Green Immunity Boosters: Botanicals for Immunity : Every year, millions of Americans come down with the common cold or the flu. While many are back on their feet within days, more than 100,000 are hospitalized with the flu each year, and many more experience cold complications that are severe enough to send them to the doctor's office. While some drugs target these disorders, for the most part, sufferers must wait for the infection to run its course. Or do they? Green Immunity Boosters will show you how to use safe and natural botanicals to heighten your body's defenses so that you are more resistant to infection, and your immune system is prepared to respond as quickly as possible to any bacterial or viral threat. Whether you are actively fighting a cold, flu, or other virus, or you simply want to make your body stronger and more resilient. Green Immunity Boosters will show you the natural way to better health.

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Health & Fitness   Alternative Therapies
Health & Fitness   Naturopathy

ISBN 13:9780757003219
ISBN 10:0757003214
Format:Pocket Books
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