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Golf Cures & Fixes: The Instant Improver for Every Single Golf Shot

Author: Els, Ernie
Murray, Angus, Photographer
Newell, Steve

Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd

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Golf Cures & Fixes: The Instant Improver for Every Single Golf Shot : For the weekend golfer, the game can be an unfortunate succession of shots that do not fly far enough and consistently straight enough. Each swing is followed by frustration, anguish and the usually futile attempt to correct the problem . . . which only creates another problem. Golf Cures and Fixes is like having a patient golf pro standing alongside who analyzes each swing and makes suggestions for any shortcoming. This creatively illustrated handbook uses a unique format and structure, and provides specific cures for specific golf shot errors and problems. Mistakes golfers make are clearly seen in the way the ball reacts: short drives, slices, hooks, missed shots and more. Steve Newell identifies the cause of each errant shot - foot position, grip or posture, for example - then shows how to fix the problem. He also recommends drills that will help cure the problem for good.

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Sports & Recreation   Golf

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