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Flip the Switch

Author: Cooper, Leslie L.
Cooper, Robert K.

Publisher: Rodale Books

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Flip the Switch : Dr. Robert Cooper, one of America's top weight-loss researchers, has found that the secret to slimming down lies in what he calls the Meta-Stat, an area of the brain that regulates metabolism. The trouble with most popular diet-and-exercise plans is they fire up your Meta-Stat for only short spurts. The rest of the time, your body is in fat-storing mode. But if your Meta-Stat stays on 24 hours a day, you burn fat constantly - and build energy to boot. In Flip the Switch, Dr. Cooper reveals scientifically proven strategies that enable you to turn on your Meta-Stat and maintain optimum metabolism all day long. It can be as simple as sitting in bright light, practicing deep breathing, improving your posture, or maintaining a cool room temperature. Flip the Switch offers: A satisfying eating plan that emphasizes the right foods at the right times of day. An all-around workout that supports optimal Meta-Stat function - and requires just 20 minutes a day. Starter programs directing you to key switches that will jump-start your weight-loss efforts. An exclusive "success map" to chart your progress toward your goals. More than 100 delicious recipes, all designed to fuel your Meta-Stat.

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Health & Fitness   Weight Loss

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