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Five Odd Honors

Author: Lindskold, Jane

Publisher: Tor Books

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Five Odd Honors : The Thirteen Orphans and their allies have opened the ninth gate into the Lands Born from Smoke and Sacrifice . . . and discover that the Lands have been altered almost beyond recognition, transformed by magic into an apparently uninhabited world where land shifts beneath one's feet and fire burns blue. Investigating, the Orphans learn that the Center of the world is sealed behind nearly-impassable barriers composed of each of the five elements of Chinese myth. Combining ancient and modern magics, a scouting party penetrates the barriers, only to be captured and given over to tortures designed to separate the Orphans from their magical abilities. On Earth, Pearl Bright, the Tiger, is attacked - is this treachery by our world's magical traditions or has one of the Orphans betrayed her? Brenda Morris learns of the Orphans' dangers when it is nearly too late - but along with the sidhe, who are drawn to her Irish heritage, Brenda risks her life to help rescue those trapped in the Lands. A story of betrayal and redemption, of bravery in the face of terror, and of loyalty and hatred that reach beyond the grave, Five Odd Honors continues Jane Lindskold's stunning Breaking the Wall series.

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Fiction   Science Fiction

ISBN 13:9780765317025
ISBN 10:0765317028
Size:9.20" l x 6.10" w x 1.40" h
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