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Essential Guide to Depression (American Medical Association)

Author: American Medical Association

Publisher: Pocket Books

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Essential Guide to Depression (American Medical Association) : In clear, nontechnical language, the American Medical Association explains the latest findings on depression, the complex mood disorder that affects nearly 17 million Americans each year. Distinguishing depression from the everyday "blues", this comprehensive guide provides solid, detailed answers to such questions as:

What is depression? Characteristics and symptoms of depressive illnesses are fully explained, including major depression, bipolar or manic depression, dysthymia, seasonal affective disorder, and more

Who is at risk for depression? Age, gender and personality factors are discussed, as well as physiological, genetic, emotional, and environmental causes

What are the latest treatment options? The full spectrum of prescription medications is profiled, as well as the wide range of psychotherapeutic and complementary approaches

Who can treat depressive illness? A section on medical and mental health professionals and their qualifications provides guidelines for choosing the best care

How can I help a loved one? Here is expert advice on how to encourage a family member to seek help; handle destructive or suicidal behavior; know when hospitalization is needed; recognize depression in children and older people; and much more.

With a listing of mental health organizations and resources and a glossary of medical terms, the "American Medical Association Essential Guide to Depression" presents all the information you need to help yourself or others manage this serious but highly treatable illness.

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