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Diary of an Exercise Addict

Author: Friedman, Peach

Publisher: Globe Pequot Press

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Diary of an Exercise Addict : As a young Southern woman in her senior year of college, Peach Friedman set out to beat the blues - and a break-up with her boyfriend - by beating herself into shape. Running ten miles a day and taking in as little as 800 calories, she forbade herself from indulging in the sensual pleasure of food and worked her body to exhaustion to avoid dealing with her emotional pain. She fell from 146 to 100 pounds in three months. Friedman suffered from exercise bulimia - a compulsion to purge calories through excessive exercise, and a rapidly growing eating disorder that affects some 400,000 American women. Having lost all memory of the sexy, curvaceous woman she once knew, Friedman found herself at serious risk of cardiac arrest. In Diary of an Exercise Addict, Friedman chronicles her harrowing six-year ordeal - from her gradual descent into a life-threatening eating disorder to her remarkable recovery, and the setbacks and challenges she encountered along the way. With refreshing candor, she unveils her intimate relationships with family, friends, and lovers, as well as the repressed desire that finally finds its way to the surface as she finds her own way back to health. In this raw and illuminating narrative, Friedman does not shy away from recounting the most painful details about her body, her sex life, and her family, as well as her darkest, most terrifying thoughts.

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