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Crypto-Lists: Crack the Categorically Clever Codes

Author: Weiss, Scott

Publisher: Puzzle Wright Press

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Crypto-Lists: Crack the Categorically Clever Codes : Cryptograms are a great source of the "aha!" moment. These "crypto-lists" up the fun and the challenge. Rather than just figuring out a pithy quotation, solvers have to decipher an entire list of encoded words, phrases, titles, or names that fit a category - like Bathtime, Greek Gods, Headgear, and "Weird Al" Yankovic Parodies. Fill in a few letters, and a pattern emerges; everything clicks, and the message becomes clear. And, just to make things a little harder, sometimes you have to come up with the category, too!

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ISBN 13:9781454915966
ISBN 10:145491596X
Size:8.27" l x 5.27" w x 0.41" h
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