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Apologizing to Dogs

Author: Coomer, Joe

Publisher: Touchstone Books

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Apologizing to Dogs : It's one hectic day in the lives of 12 antique dealers on sleepy Worth Row. Verda has collapsed in her store and no one knows. Aura is nine months pregnant and doesn't realize she's about to give birth. Mr. Haygood and Mazelle are having an affair and have been for more than 30 years underneath the garden tended daily by their spouses. Carl, in an act of love, is taking apart his house from the inside out and building a boat for Nadine, who is unaware of his affection. Effie, whose journal entries are dotted throughout the novel, is paranoid and obsessive and keeping detailed tabs on everyone and everything. And these are only half the characters! When a severe storm blows in, everyone on the row comes face-to-face with life-altering revelations and decisions. Coomer packs this fast-paced novel with a variety of quirky characters, but no one takes center stage. Still, the small glimpses into each of their lives are enough to make each one stand out.

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Fiction   Literary

ISBN 13:9780684859477
ISBN 10:0684859475
Size:8.08" l x 6.42" w x 0.63" h
Grade Lvl: Non-Classifiable