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An Invisible Woman

Author: Strieber, Anne

Publisher: Forge Books

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An Invisible Woman : Kealy Ryerson has everything a New York socialite could want : wealth, power, a devoted husband, and loving children. An assassin's bullet rips all that away from her one morning. Now she has only her wits and courage to rely on as she seeks to discover who has destroyed her family in a world where there is no one she can trust. She is at the beauty salon when her cell phone rings and her life is changed forever. The message is short, and terrifying. "Run!" her husband says. "Take the children and get out of the country. Go now. Trust no one." It is the message she has feared for years, the message they hoped he would never have to give her. Within a half hour he is dead, shot down in the street as he leaves a restaurant where he has been having lunch with the district attorney. But Kealy cannot get out of New York. Her apartment is under surveillance, and she can't get her passport or any money. Her credit cards have been canceled. She's wanted by the police. She and her teenage kids are on their own, on the streets, with only her wits to keep them alive - her wits, and some surprising new friends. Kealy Ryerson, child of privilege, discovers that she will fight harder for her family than she ever believed possible. She is determined to protect her children and find out who killed her beloved husband. And Kealy finds that she has a surprising advantage - if she's bold enough to take a chance and use it. Because without her fancy clothes, expensive makeup, jewels, and her hairstylist, no one recognizes her. Not the police, not her husband's partner - not even her best friends. A poor woman of a certain age is someone whom no one really looks at. But she can watch them. She can follow them. She can use their blindness against them, and walk invisible among the people who want her dead.

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Fiction   Mystery & Detective

ISBN 13:9780765310934
ISBN 10:0765310937
Size:9.50" l x 6.30" w x 1.10" h
Grade Lvl: Non-Classifiable