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Amazonia: The Land, the Wildlife, the River, the People

Author: Capelas, Alfonso

Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd

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Amazonia: The Land, the Wildlife, the River, the People : A panoramic look at Earth's most diverse ecosystem. The Amazon river is fed by 1,000 named tributaries and as many anonymous ones. The river system spans the South American continent from the Atlantic Ocean to within 100 miles of the Pacific and drains an area nearly the size of Australia. A stretch of 2,300 miles is the world's longest navigable inland waterway. Amazonia examines the diversity, grandeur, and history of an astonishingly dynamic eco-system. With clear terms and stunning photography, the book conveys the region's vast resources. Its forests and jungles are home to one third of all the living species on the planet. The region sustains more than 300 mammal species, up to 2,000 bird species, 2,500 tree species, 60,000 distinct plants, and an estimated 30 million insect species. The book is filled with spectacular images of orchids, strangler figs, armies of exotic insects, rare and endangered species, the rich variety of flowers and birds, and inhabitants of the region. The book closely examines the hidden resources of the Amazon including huge deposits of iron ore, tin, aluminum, copper and gold. Amazonia tells fascinating accounts of boom and bust eras such as the black gold rush of the late 19th century that was fueled by the huge worldwide demand for rubber. Amazonia also includes what is being done now and what can be done in the future to ensure that this remarkable region continues to nurture its huge reservoir of life.

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