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A Favourite of the Gods

Author: Bedford, Sybille

Publisher: Counterpoint Press

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A Favourite of the Gods : Henry James's theme of the New World (naí¯ve, upright, puritanical) confronting the Old (steeped in sophisticated and unscrupulous charm) is here explored by a novelist who has witnessed two world wars. Her protagonist is Constanza, a beautiful Italian-American pagan born to privilege and happiness - a seeming "favourite of the gods." But in the years of her maturity she becomes aware of what she lacks - a purpose and a part. Who am I, she asks, and what is it I can do? "This," writes Bedford, "is not a poor little rich girl's plaint. It is the quest that lurks within every human creature fortunate to lift its head above the daily grind."

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Fiction   Historical

ISBN 13:9781582431581
ISBN 10:1582431582
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